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Welcome to the weekly parish newsletter of St. Gregory's Episcopal Church in Deerfield, Illinois.

Parish Newsletter 3/25/2020 - Stay connected with Zoom!


Sacred Spaces and Familiar Faces

Beloved, we know that the church is not the building in which we worship – but the people who worship and share God’s love with the world. And – we who were created to worship and serve have a longing for our sacred space. We miss being in a space that feels set apart from our day to day lives to connect with God. This is the perfect time to create sacred space in your home. This can be anything you want it to be, as long as it is intentional. Once you have identified a place (usually not at the center of household chaos), set it apart as sacred. Often a candle helps to do this, and many people choose to put items that are sacred to them: cross, icon, branches or greenery, prayer book, and/or bible. If you have children at home, let them help pick out the place and items – it’s always fun to see what they consider sacred (you may wind up with Legos, crayons, or other things that add their faithful whimsy). As we move through Lent towards Holy Week, we will have some suggestions of things you may want to add to your sacred space. Since we are physically separate, sharing our sacred spaces may help us to feel more fully spiritually connected. So, if you are willing, send a picture of your sacred space to Casey at sexton@stgregoryschurch.org. 

We continue to connect to each other through Care Circles, and are offering assistance to people who need help with rent, utilities, car payments, and other things that have been identified. If you know of other people who need assistance, please let us know. If you would like to contribute to this specific effort, you can donate to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund by donating online (GIVE button on the homepage of our website!). You can also continue to give to StG’s online or by mailing a check. Thank you for continuing to support our ministries in this community and the world. 

It is so great to see many of you on the Zoom worship times. If you aren’t able to join via Zoom, we have had a few people offer to donate technology that could help with this, so let us know and we can figure out a safe way to get that to you. We all love our familiar faces – even when we can’t see them in person. 


Worship with StG’s ONLINE!

9:40am Sunday – Virtual Worship via Zoom and FaceBook Live (Zoom starts at 9:40 – FB 10:00)

Join Zoom Meeting by computer, tablet, or smartphone:


Meeting ID: 842 861 148

Password: 414299

OR – Call in on your phone: 1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago) – same meeting ID and Password


11am Sunday – Virtual coffee hour via Zoom – Zoom attendees breakout into “virtual tables” and have conversation – it’s even more fun than we thought it would be! BYOC


8am Wednesday - Morning Worship and Virtual Breakfast VIA ZOOM

Join Zoom Meeting by computer, tablet, or smartphone:


Meeting ID: 750 552 357

Password: 587299

OR – Call in on your phone: 1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago) – same meeting ID and Password


7pm Friday - Stations of the Cross via ZOOM and FB Live

Stations has become a very important spiritual practice for many of us, enabling us to walk Jesus’ walk of humility and death. In this walk, we are reminded that our faith prepares us for the trials of life, and assures us that death is never the final word. Last week, we featured Jon Dutcher’s paintings of the stations, and this week we will feature Beverly Falbe’s drawings of the stations. Our walk will be accompanied by Tobin Schindler on the cello. 

Join Zoom Meeting by computer, tablet, or smartphone:


Meeting ID: 129 588 220

Password: 657620

OR – Call in on your phone: 1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago) – same meeting ID and Password 


Prepare for Sunday’s Worship

If you would like to prepare for Sunday’s Worship Service, please click on the link to read the Lessons and the Gospel from the Lectionary  http://www.lectionarypage.net/YearA_RCL/Lent/ALent5_RCL.html

·         Ezekiel 37:1-14

·         Romans 8:6-11

·         John 11:1-45

·         Psalm 130


Let’s Talk - A movie discussion group TONIGHT, March 25 at 7pm VIA ZOOM!

The Netflix film “The Two Popes” is a story of friendship between 2 adversaries. Each respects and maybe even admires the other, but each also thinks the other is on course to severely corrupt a beloved institution –the Church.

How do we remain in relationship with those whom we are in conflict or disagreement?

Through this story we also see two ways to live a life of faith: one is dogmatic, concerned that one glorious eternal truth must shine forth in our fractured world.  The other insists to follow Jesus we are called to simplicity and to manifest faith by action.

How would we assess their choices? Which one of these paths speaks to you?

Lots and lots of other conversation topics!!

So let’s talk. Facilitated by Max Smith.


Join Zoom Meeting by computer, tablet, or smartphone:


Meeting ID: 786 888 169

Password: 035001

OR – Call in on your phone: 1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago) – same meeting ID and Password 


Do you need help with ZOOM?

If you have a computer or tablet or smartphone, you CAN Zoom, and we are here to help you. As in all things, we are in this together. If you would like to join in worship with StG’s and are having trouble connecting to Zoom via any of those devices, let us know and we are happy to troubleshoot with you. Anne, Casey, and Kathryn are quickly moving to expert level on Zoom – so email us and we can call you and talk you through it. Anne, Kathryn, or sexton@stgregoryschurch.org 


The best way to contact the church is through email.

The staff is trying to stay healthy and working from home as much as possible.  Charlene Vanderhulst, Parish Administer, (parish@stgregoryschurch.org) will get back to you as soon as possible or direct your email to the appropriate staff member. 


Children and Youth Connections

Children's Church will meet via Zoom again this coming Sunday. Meet me at 11:30 at 
Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 186 100 429

Password: 205278


Youth Group and LOFT are having a weekly photography contest during the time of social distancing! Judge, Casey Kremer, will receive the photographs anonymously and make their decisions. They will judge on composition and how well the photograph represents the weekly topic. Prizes will be awarded and you may actually see some of the photographs hanging in the church when you can come back! Send your submissions to Shelley@stgregoryschurch.org by Friday at 5:00 pm. Winners will be announced on Sunday. This week's topic is "Best Quarantine Vibe."  Anne Regalado won a $20 Door Dash gift certificate for her submission for "What gives me joy" last week! 

Children's Show and Tell. The Children's Church kids are meeting daily on Zoom for Show and Tell at 10:00 am!  


Meeting ID: 501 145 895

Password: 534639

Every day one of the children does Show and Tell, we have a scavenger hunt and read and discuss a Bible Story.  


Hymn Madness Continues

Well, Christmas hymns finally found their match - they've been decimated from the StG's Hymn Madness bracket! And what could possibly have beaten those leviathans, you ask? Two behemoths of ballad, two masters of melody, two colossal conquerors of chorus, two Herculean heralds of hymnody....  


Please get your votes in via email (to kathryn@stgregoryschurch.org) or Facebook (via the StG's page) between now and the end of the day Tuesday, March 31! HELP US DETERMINE WHICH WILL TRIUMPH TO BE CROWNED THE HYMN MADNESS GRAND CHAMPION! 


Community Meals – Next Time to Serve, Sunday, May 17 at Noon

Please save the date: Our next time to serve is Sunday, May 17th. 


Prayers This Week, Please Remember…

The sick, and those who need prayer, especially…  Blair/Seabury Family, Judy Epstein, Al, Priscilla Condon, Elizabeth, Synda Nelson, Chris, Francis & Tavares Families, Chuck Brasford, Finn West and Family, David Kyllo, Morris/Godavitarne Families, Amanda, Ben, Cissy & Jeff Singleton, The Jacobson’s, Liz & Daniel, Ralph. 

For the departed… Cynthia Hallis, Helen.


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If you would like to have something included in the newsletter sent out midweek, please submit your article to parish@stgregoryschurch.org or call Charlene Vanderhulst (847-945-1678.)


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