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Parish Newsletter 3/28/18 - Easter Week & Holy Services


Holy Week at St. Gregory’s

“The … mystery of the dying and rising again of Jesus Christ and our participation therein is the theological core of the gospel, and its liturgical celebration is the central event of the church year.” (Leonel L. Mitchell) 

How we engage with Lent and Holy Week can have a direct correlation to how the great truth of Easter is lived out in our lives. Throughout the forty days of Lent, and in the week leading up to Easter, we have the opportunity to live into our death with Jesus. We can examine our lives and open ourselves to the working of the Holy Spirit in drawing us closer to God through Christ. Once we live through the death, the resurrection takes on new meaning in us and in our community. At St. Gregory’s, we have the opportunity to observe Holy Week together, with worship every day of the week. Together we will walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and rejoice in the resurrection of our Savior!


Maundy Thursday- 7pm

March 29                    The name Maundy comes from the Latin mandatum, and refers to the new

                                    commandment Jesus gave the disciples in John 13:34 – to love one another as Christ first

                                    loved us. At this service, we celebrate the events of the Last Supper, including the foot

                                    washing and the institution of the Eucharist. Learning to be served by others is an

                                    important step in our walk as children of God. Those who desire are invited to celebrate

                                    the non-liturgical, non-holy feast of the pedicure on Wednesday to prepare for the foot

                                    washing on Thursday!  See Mother Anne if you are interested.


Good Friday- Noon

March 30                    On Good Friday, we observe the crucifixion and death of Jesus. At Noon, we will observe

                                    the traditional Good Friday solemn liturgy with the liturgy of the Word, solemn collects,

                                    and veneration of the cross. We do not celebrate the Eucharist on Good Friday in

                                    observance of Jesus’ death, but rather receive communion from sacrament reserved on

                                    Maundy Thursday.

Good Friday -7:30pm

March 30                    At 7:30pm, we will observe a final Stations of the Cross – using a narrative format that connects us to each station through a first person point of view.

                                     The day of Jesus’ death is a poignant time to walk this path.


Holy Saturday- 5:00pm – Easter Vigil

March 31                    The Easter Vigil is an ancient liturgy that includes fire, light, word, water, bread,

                                    and wine – and takes the worshipper from death to life. The Easter Vigil helps us all

                                    embrace the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection. This first Easter service is the

                                    traditional time for Baptism in the church calendar, and we will baptize Olivia Polzin. 


Easter – 8am and 10am

April 1                         We will celebrate Christ’s resurrection with joyful worship including special music (at

                                    10am). After the 10am, there will be a reception with festive beverages, and an egg hunt!



Can you help in celebrating Easter with a dish to share after the 10am Easter Service? Any fruits, baked goods, or appetizer to share?  If you are interested please or have any questions kindly contact me, Cecilia Rodriguez, at 913-991-1728 or CYJL2003@mac.com



Please note this month’s donations will be pushed back 1 week due to Easter.  Our Sunday, April 8 Red Bags go to Vernon Township.  They especially need potato mixes-scalloped, mashed, au gratin, etc., jars of pasta sauce and laundry detergent.   Please take at least one red bag and remember the hungry items when you shop.



During Easter season we want to hear WHAT your favorite hymn is and WHY! Choose any hymn from the red 1982 Hymnal or the Music Issue and tell us why it speaks to your heart. During the season of Pentecost we'll sing these favorites during Sunday worship, and print your name and reason for loving the hymn in the bulletin. Fill out the form that will be included in the bulletin for the next several weeks, or email your request to Kathryn directly at kathryn@stgregoryschurch.org.



At its meeting on March 13, your Vestry:

Decided to Focus our work together on two key Initiatives: Family Ministry and Faith in Action (community and outreach programs).   Prioritizing these two important initiatives will enable us to channel our volunteer resources to create a strong foundation for our parish families and position us for the growth of our congregation.

Reviewed the 2018 Pledge Card submissions. We are at 60% received and want to get to 100% so that we can make sure our parish remains strong and vital during the year.  Please turn in your 2018 pledge soon if you have not done so yet. Thank you.

Continued to build spiritual connection and relationship among Vestry members.  At the all day Vestry retreat, we each shared our hopes and dreams for St. Gregory’s in a fun and meaningful atmosphere. Our goal now is to engage the entire parish and ourselves in doing purposeful work together for the coming year.



Our May 16 selection is “News of the World” by Paulette Jiles, and for April 18 choose your David McCullough selection.  It could be “Truman”, “The Wright Brothers”, or whatever you decide. We'll discuss the works that have been chosen at our April meeting. All are invited.



Boy Scout Troop 50 is co-sponsoring a blood drive at St Gregory’s with the other Deerfield troops at St. Gregory's on April 28 from 9:00AM - 2:00PM.  Please consider donating if you are able.  You can sign up in advance for your preferred timeslot on the LifeSource website at https://donateblood.lifesource.org/AppointmentScheduling.aspx.  Scroll to the bottom, and enter the date (April 28) and Group code 482D.



Volunteers including Sybil TenEyck, Jim and Cyndi Millspaugh, Scott Hamilton, Justin Appelbaum, David Jolly, Amy Call, Julia Ann Ariano, Bill and Janet Foltz, Barbara, Matthew and Scott Schaper, and two people from Boy Scout Troop 48 in Lake Forest served a meal to our neighbors in Waukegan this past Sunday. Thanks to our dessert donors including Scott Hamilton, Sybil TenEyck, Mary Keller, Lynn Pike, Janet Foltz, Lisa Halpin, Amy Call, the Schapers, and some others who contributed desserts with no name.  Our next turn to serve is Sunday, May 13th, Mother's Day.         Barb Schaper, Janet and Bill Foltz



The Exploring Grief Group series provides a confidential, supportive and educational environment to cope with grief. Four area congregations have come together to underwrite this service for our community, enabling us to offer it at no charge. Meetings are led by Rev. Dr. Joellen Hosler, LCPC who has extensive experience with grief and loss through her work with clients and as a Pastor. Joellen will design a unique presentation for each meeting tailored to the needs of the group. For more information or to register, please contact Joellen at 847-446-6955 ext. 19 or jhosler@northshoresamaritan.org. Please register to ensure these groups can provide enough support for those who are grieving. Space is limited

Meets Every Other Monday at 7:00PM - 8:30PM

Spring Session: Christ Church Winnetka April 9th - June 18th

Sponsored by Christ Church Winnetka, Kenilworth Union Church, First Presbyterian Church of Wilmette, Winnetka Congregational Church



The sick, and those who need prayer, especially…Tom Dexter, Mark Lanigan, Taylor Gibbs, Mary Sullivan, Sue Mueller, Luke Schneider, Kathryn Kelly, Scott Davison, Barbara Rice, Davison/Rice Family, Elizabeth Hamilton, Arlett Fishburne, Dori Carlson, Julie Gibbs, Anita Singleton,Mitch Nelson, Jeff Bialer and Bill Thiel, Liza Hassler. 

Our companion parish in Madagascar, Santa Grégoire, Tolagnaro, and Dean Donné. 

For the departed…..Irene Besthoff.



If you would like to have something included in the newsletter sent out midweek, please submit your article to parish@stgregoryschurch.org or call Charlene Vanderhulst (847-945-1678.)



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01/23/2019 07:30 PM Boy Scout Troop 50
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