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In an Episcopal Parish such as St. Gregory's, the Vestry consists of the Rector, two Wardens, and twelve additional Vestry members. Only the Rector is an ordained priest; all the other members are lay men or women.

The Rector has charge of all spiritual matters of the Parish, while the Rector, Wardens and other Vestry members have responsibility for the temporal matters of the Congregation. Together, they make up the corporate entity of the Parish and share in its leadership as they pray, discern, and try to follow Christ's will.

Here are the elected lay leaders of our Parish Family.

Our Vestry Members

Julie Ann Ariano (2019)

Annette Baez (2018)

Nancy Buller - Treasurer (2019)

Kevin Christenson (2017)

Jon Dutcher - Warden (2017)

Bill Foltz (2020)

Scott Hamilton (2020)

Jim Millspaugh (2018)

Dan Nicholas (2019)

Scott Schaper (2020)

Sarah Snyder (2018)

Cherie Thompson - Warden (2017)


8:00 AM Contemplative Holy Eucharist 
9:00 AM Adult Bible Study

10:00 AM Holy Eucharist with music


7:00 AM Holy Eucharist with Healing Prayers